BEAST FUEL Pre-Workout

BEAST FUEL Pre-Workout
BEAST FUEL Pre-Workout
BEAST FUEL Pre-Workout
BEAST FUEL Pre-Workout
BEAST FUEL Pre-Workout
BEAST FUEL Pre-Workout
BEAST FUEL Pre-Workout
BEAST FUEL Pre-Workout

BEAST FUEL Pre-Workout

1 Month Supply

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1 Month Supply

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2 Month Supply


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2 Month Supply

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The Full Stack

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Greens + Pre-Workout + Whey


Here lies the keys to relentless savagery, skin-bursting pumps, euphoric drive, and rip-someone’s-head-off ferocity that separates the beasts from the boys. As you reach in for the scoop and your mouth starts to water at the tantalizing aroma of beast fuel, remember that it’s grow-time. No Gains, No Glory.

🧪 Fully-dosed ingredient profile

 🏋️‍♀️ Maximize EVERY Workout 

⚡️ Increased Energy and Focus

 💪 Skin-bursting pumps

 🔒 USA Manufactured in a cGMP & FDA-registered facility


Ingredients Details




150mg - 300mg - Just the right dose of caffeine to help you stay energized AND battle fatigue in the gym without the crash.


AlphaSize Alpha GPC 50%

225mg - 450mg - Shown to improve cognitive function, this will have you dialed in during AND after your workout. See ya later mid-day coffee/energy drink.



100mg -200mg -Clinically shown to remove the negative side effects of caffeine such as jitters/anxiety/crashing.



750mg - 1500mg - Those skin-bursting pumps we’ve been talking about? This one’s to blame (or thank). Shown to improve blood flow, focus, and energy.



4000mg - 8000mg - Sciences says this helps “reduce ratings of perceived exertion” AKA you can add more weight and go another rep.


Beta Alanine

2000mg - 4000mg - The tingles and muscular endurance starts here. Push harder during high intensity training.


Betaine Anhydrous

1250mg - 2500mg - Resistance training meets it’s maker. This has been used to elevate performance during resistance training.

More bang for your buck.

Many companies out there will hide their under-dosed & scientifically ineffective pre-workout behind a proprietary blend. Which means not only is a single scoop not effective, but you end up paying MORE per serving for a subpar workout. Not Gains Club. Not only will you LOVE the flavor but each scoop is dosed based on up-to-date literature...and that's just one scoop.

Gains Club

Better Absorption with Astragin

Dosed accurately based on current science

Each ingredient serves a different useful function


No crash, just focus

Other Brands

Fewer ingredients per scoop

Ingredients hidden behind proprietary blends

Filler ingredients to make the scoop seem bigger


You crash mid-day with hours of work to do

Why Choose Gains Club

Made in the USA

Produced in a cGMP &
FDA-registered facility

Fast Shipping

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Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Best pre I’ve taken to date!!

I’ve tried many different brands of preworkout and usually I have to take 2 scoops to feel the effects and even then, hardly felt any itching sensation - This brand makes me itch within 20 minutes even only using 1 scoop and let me tell ya, my workout intensity is so much higher than before! I’d rather pay $50 for this product versus 15 for a mainstream brand for sure! Also have a few friends hooked on this product, so it isn’t just myself that feels this way! Buy this now!!!

Kaleb Wood
Tastes Great. Solid Pump

Has a really good balance of ingredients while being one of the better tasting Pre-Workout I've tried


This product literally made me go from finishing my training half-way through because of exhaustion to completing my workouts and still having some energy left!


Amazing! It’s absolutely delicious. I can see why it’s the most bought out product in the store now.

Payton S
Solid Preworkout

I had been buying Gorilla Mode for my preworkout as I liked the ingredient list for the most part. I decided to give this one a try to support David, as his ingredient list looked on par, (besides the creatine). It ended up working out great for me. Beast Fuel actually gives me a better feeling before my workouts and taste better overall, Watermelon is a great flavor. Having creatine would be nice but it’s not the worst as I buy the best possible brand (Thorne) and mix it in. Overall great pump and tingle for lifts. I’m giving it 4 stars because the ingredient list could be cleaner, specifically getting the sucralose & Natural flavors out of there and using a much healthier sweetener. Hopefully he’ll look into the research and change it up!

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